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Indie studio, working on Campus Island (, our first visual novel. This is mostly an inspiration board.


Decided to typeset it for a change (´・ω・`)

Ukyou is definitely… a mother material…

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Starburst! - common route cg

Please gimme Tomoki and Ruka(。・ω・。)ノ♡

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「プリPia~プリンスPiaキャロット~」カウントダウンボイス配信(5) 下野紘/井上剛/島﨑信長/入江玲於奈/安元洋貴/鳥海浩輔


Gossip Girl - Isaac Schnauzer [Season 1 Main Route] Jpn GREE

「Shall we dance to one song?」

「Don’t move. Do you want to fall into the sea?」

「Sleep at ease. Because I’m not going to do things that would betray the trust of your father」

「Wait for me to return, I’ll become a big and strong man that is worthy of you」

「Because when I’m with you, I seem to remember more pleasant memories」

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